notllogic: I love your work bro, is your profile pic original too?

shot bro! and yeah all me bro

chunkykid: Hey man, this might be a silly question but what type & brand of marker are you using in the picture where you're tagging something with the red marker? Thanks.

Ironlak Paint Marker man

o-o-o-o-k-k-k-k-k: Ugh your blog is so good! You're an amazing photographer please post more!:)

yeahhh sooon!

untiltheacropolis: Hey Michael, you make sweeeet pics! Guys climbin all over shit, plus skaters, and evry one right on the money. Post more :-}}

churr, yeah will soon been reall busy but soon

insidiouslives: what is the number 6 song on your blog? :)

not sure, something on my ipod ahaha

myqu4lity: i'm in love with your blog omggg

Thankyoouu! new pictures sosoon

love your tumblr! and your from auckland too haha :) 

Anonymous: are you black